Make Ghc1000 In 4 Weeks

  • Project Name: Freelance Business
  • Client: Smartworld Group

How to Make Ghc1000 In 4 Weeks

Going Online is the dream of every organization and eventually all 21st century businesses. The need to create an Online presence and connect with customers at the global marketplace is opening up several opportunities forWeb Developers as never before. You can make good money while working as a Freelance Web Designer or adding Web Designing to your existing job.

To take advantage of this amazing opportunities, all you have to do is to acquire a new skill in Web Development or take your Developer and Designing Skill to the next level that can start to fetch good money into your pockets. Becoming a Web Developer or Designer is not that difficult. In few courses, you can achieve your dreams in a new and exciting field. With Smartworld Web Design Bootcamp, you can become a professional Web Developer and Designer in just 3 days. Smartworld Web Design Bootcamp is a Practical training program that allows even people with Zero Developer experience to become professional Web Developers and Designers in just 3 days.

To start making your First Ghc1000 in 4 Weeks, Signup for Smartworld Web Design Bootcamp. If you are already a Web Developer or Designer, you’re just few steps away from making your First Ghc1000 in 4 Weeks.

After acquiring your Web Developer or Designer skills, follow the under listed steps to start making your First Ghc1000 in just 4 Weeks. If you are already a Web Developer or Designer, follow the steps to Brand yourself for a Booming business. If you have already establish your brand, just jump to the 4-step Challenge to start making your First Ghc1000 in just 4 Weeks.

  1. Believe you are a Web Developer
  2. Develop your unique Brand
  3. Choose a Niche
  4. Build an Online Reputation
  5. Buy a Domain Name
  6. Create Hosting Package
  7. Set your Business Email address
  8. Get Your First Website Live
  9. Pick up the Challenge
    • Challenge 1: Create Your Portfolio
    • Challenge 2: Create a Website for a Friend
    • Challenge 3: Create an Affiliate Program
    • Challenge 4: Execute your Contracts

Getting The Details.

Believe You Are A Web Developer

Before you become, believe you are

John Winner

It may sound like a joke, but the first step toward becoming a web developer is believing that you are a web developer. Before you can become, first believe that you are. Learning to be a developer was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s given me the freedom to live off my job, start my own freelance businesses, use my creative instincts to solve problems and pursue several other dreams. It has also giving me the platform to suit into any organization anywhere in the world.

Develop Your Unique Brand

Believe you have a unique competitive advantage

John Winner

Before I became a web developer, I was a Lecturer and have remain at the fore front of Educational Institution’s Management. This got me a lot of insight into how schools systems and educational institutions as a whole work, how teachers think and what gives students exciting online learning experiences. Aside that, I was also into Digital/Online Marketing, which was my specialized field of study. This also got me a whole lot of insights into how Marketing or E-Commerce platforms works and what gives customers exciting shopping experiences online.

Choose A Niche

Like I said earlier, before I became a web developer, I was a Lecturer and also a Digital/Online Marketer. This gave me a whole lot of ideas as to how Educational and E-Commerce Websites work. If you have experience or expertise in a certain areas, I’d recommend thinking about how you can brand yourself to match these skills with your web development carrier.

Build An Online Reputation

As a web developer you’re going to need a whole bunch of online presence and activities. Create, update or rebrand your social media handles. You can create a new Facebook Page if you feel like not using your personal account. Get your Twitter and Instagram personal or business accounts. Get yourself a YouTube Channel and a LinkedIn profile.

Buy A Domain Name

domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. It is an address where Internet users can access your website. Your domain name is a unique, easy-to-remember address used to access your website, such as ‘’, and ‘’. Users can connect to your websites using your domain name. Choose a smart domain name. Your first domain name will be your own online space. Unlike your Twitter account, Facebook and other blogs, you will completely own your content, you can post what you like and will be able to link your content any time anywhere. Once you’ve decided on a domain name, get out there and purchase it. You can do this on my sites mybmacademysmartworld or proceed to Stormerhost, one of the best domain name providers in Ghana as Low as Ghc15/year.


Create Hosting

Web Hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives. A hosting provider allocates space on a web server for your website to store its files and makes the files available for viewing online. Once you’ve purchased the domain name, create a hosting package for it at as Low as Ghc5/month or Ghc60/year

Set Up Your Business Email Address 

A business email address is an email address that uses your own business domain name instead of a generic Yahoo, Gmail or Microsoft accounts. Set up a business email address in the control panel. Taking your domain name for example to be, your business email address should be something like

Get Your First Website Live

Once you have purchase a hosting for your domain, your Website will is live on the internet. People can now view your website live online. You can edit the Home Page and also set up the Contact Page of your Website visitors and potential clients to begin to connect with you. Note that professional Business Emails are part of your Stormerhost Hosting Package. You don’t need to pay for it.


You’re a Web Designer!

You’re now ready to make your first Ghc1000.00 in a month.

Getting Help

Signup for our 3 Day Training Program

Buy a Domain Name as Low as Ghc15

Host your Website as Low as Ghc60

Making Your First Ghc1000.00

Making your first Ghc1000.00 is possible through 4 simple step Challenges.

  1. Challenge 1: Create Your Portfolio
  2. Challenge 2: Create a Website for a Friend
  3. Challenge 3: Create an Web Affiliate Program
  4. Challenge 4: Execute your Contracts and make your money
Challenge #1: Create Your Portfolio

Week #1. Create a Portfolio of your specialized areas in the field of Web Development/Design. Your Portfolio should contain the list of all your projects or Websites that you have developed. Feel free to list your personal sites as well as those of your clients in your Portfolio. Create good links to each project such that your audience can follow with single clicks to view the site live online. Be comfortable to list the name of all the clients/organizations that patronized your Design services. Another vital information you may need to include in your Portfolio is the Testimonials from your clients.

Challenge #2: Create A Website For A Friend

Week #2. Creating free Websites for others should be very easy for you to do at this stage of your carrier. Just get your focus on the joy of building live sites that can solve other people’s problems and at the same time bringing your great customers soon in your new carrier. Be excited to have people know that you are now a professional Web Developer. Look for small businesses and get them a free Site to help them announce their online presence. Look for Schools, Churches, NGO’s, and any other entities that needs an Online presence to market their products and services. You just need to be creative and smart in doing it. My strategy is very simple. All I do is to have the client pay for the Domain and Hosting while I Charge nothing for my Design services. Knowing how and where to get affordable domain and how to get free stuffs that comes with most Hosting packages is a very important key to be good while offering your free services to others. You can get a good Hosting Package with Free Domainsby clicking on the link. It’s so important to note that instead of having your clients pay you for your Design Services at this stage, you should rather focus on having them write good testimonials about your services and sharing them with a whole lot of other people.

Challenge #3: Create An Affiliate Program

Week #3. The ability of your brand to succeed depends on how you are able to get it established in the market and in the minds of consumers. The key to achieve this in the mist of several other promotional tools is via Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing program simply involves earning a commission by promoting a product or service. Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. As a new Web Developer, the ability of other people testifying of your service and referring people to you adds a great deal of credibility to your brand. an example of Affiliate marketing program is Smartworld Web Services.

How does affiliate marketing work?

  • Design a Web affiliate program.
  • Get people to sign up to your affiliate program.
  • State the percentage to pay out as Commission.
  • Choose which offers you wish to promote.
  • Create a unique affiliate link for each Signup.
  • Get the people to share those links on their blog, social media platforms, or websites.
  • Pay them commission anytime someone uses their links to make a purchase.
Challenge #4: Execute Your Contracts And Make Your Money

Week #4. It’s all set now. Execute your Contracts and make your money. Just go ahead to create beautiful website to all the clients referred to you by your Affiliates. Develop and Design each site to suit the business needs of the client. Execute your first 5 Contracts by charging only Ghc 200 each in addition to the cost of Domain and Hosting. With your first 5 Referrals from your Affiliates alone, your Ghc1,000.00 profit is guaranteed. With each additional client you get in a month, your income increase by Ghc 200 while charging just Ghc 200 Design Fees for each project. With 10 clients in a month, you are Ghc 2,000.00 richer monthly. With just 5 projects in each month, you are Ghc 12,000.00 richer annually in addition to the income from your job.

Welcome To The World Of Web Developers!

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