Web Design Training

Web Design Training

Web Design Bootcamp

Do you want to become Professional Web Developer? Do you want to take your Designing Skills to the Global Marketplace?

Then rush to Signup up for Web Development/Design Training.

Smartworld Group presents 3 Days Web Development/Design Training for all who want add Value to their lives by learning and adding a New Skill and creating new opportunities and Revenue  Sources for themselves. Learn Web Development by building 5 websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress & more!

Topics To Be Covered Include:

  1. Introduction to Web Development & Design
  2. Choosing & Buying Domains (Domain Name)
  3. Choosing & Buying Hosting Package
  4. Setting up your Hosting Account – cPanel
  5. Creating & Customizing Web mails
  6. Installing WordPress
  7. Introduction to Page Builders
  8. Working with Astra Theme & Templates
  9. Installing & Updating Themes
  10. Installing & Updating Templates
  11. Installing & Updating Plugins
  12. Customizing your Theme
  13. Creating Responsive Menu
  14. Setting up the Home Page
  15. Creating Pages & Posts
  16. Updating Pages & Posts
  17. Uploading & Embedding Files
    1. Videos
    2. Pictures
    3. Documents
  18. Social Media Integration
    1. Facebook
    2. WhatsApp
    3. Instagram
    4. Twitter
    5. LinkedIn
    6. Email
    7. Telephone
  19. Creating User Forms
  20. Woocommerce Integration
  21. Creating E-commerce Store
  22. Creating Online Learning Platforms
  23. Creating Business Websites
  24. Creating Multi purpose Websites
  25. Integrating Payment Gateways
  26. Managing Subscriptions & User Data
  27. How to Create Subdomains
  28. How to manage Addon Domains


You will learn the 3 most essential Web Programming Languages for Web Applications (HTML5CSS3 & JavaScript) for Front-end Web Development and the latest Development Frameworks like Bootstrap4 and Jquery.

You will also learn Database Management Languages (Back-End Web Development) such as SQL and PHP.  

You may have the privilege to be introduced to the greatest Programming Languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Kotlin and of course the almighty Python.

Instructor: John Winner (0202465275)

Thank you and see you there!

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